Donnie MacRae

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Sadly Donnie passed away on  Aug. 3, 2011 in Hobe Sound FL.  Donnie met Ward and Mike in Jersey in 1995 in LBI at Kenny Kooyenga's Body Language Surf Shop.   They got Hurricane Surf for a week with Donnie playing host while running into characters like Sammy Zugner and Jason Murray.   From there Donnie was part of the crew on and off until his death.   Always held his own in any type surf against the top pros.  A standout everywhere else.  He seemed to always be in the thick of things at the old San Clemente Pier house.  A really good guy - always smiling - always giving back with free surf lessons, or helping with the local ESA, or just being there for is friends.  Truly self less guy. 


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