Drew Brophy

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LOST ARTIST - 1997 to 2000. Before he came to Lost, Drew was painting boards with the Posca pens that Timmy Patterson then Matt Biolos were using to paint their boards with. When Biolos became too busy to shape AND paint (and run a clothing company) - he hired Drew to do the production surfboard painting. Drew's style was similar enough to the stuff Lost was already putting on their boards that it was a practically seamless transition. The difference was that Drew was a machine and could bust out twice what Lost was previously painting. Before long - along with fellow painter Sean Spoto - Lost painted and custom painted boards were available around the country. Drew began making tees for the Lost clothing line while at the same time branching out to launch his own thing DREW BROPHY DOT COM and eventually had time to only do special projects and murals for Lost. The rest is part of surf art history and Lost is glad to have had Drew as part of its crew.


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