Fred James

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Buxton, NC

Favorite Pro Surfer: Pat Maus

Belongs on "the sticker", but surfs alright. Goofyfoot. Got a photo in surfing once and wanted photo incentive. Problem was, he was riding a Merrick... and we're not really sure it was him or not. (don't know if anyone remembers the picture Chicken walked around with in his wallet of someone in a six foot tube at Creek...) Wishes he was out in front of the tube so he'd get photo incentive.

We're gonna put him in the Lost Pro Junior. You see, in Buxton, they don't issue birth certificates, they only check one of four boxes for P.O.B. (place of birth)
1. Red Drum Food Mart, and tackle shop, and gas station.
2. Conner's Grocery Store
3. Frisco Rod and Gun. OR
4. In Line for the Ferry....
Actually he wants to surf the ASP legends so he can cut off "KONG".

LETTER TO HIS SPONSOR LOST REGARDING THE PICTURES HE SENT US: "Now you can see your logo so you have to pay me! I'm getting good!(on the computer). But don't tell anybody. Good news, I just enrolled in the community college in Manteo so I should be able to spell my name for the mags now!"

Brother of famous boat captain, Ted James. What's Ted famous for? Seventy-fifth guy to name a break "shipwrecks". First guy to actually wreck the ship there.


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