Greg Kaplan

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ALIAS: Kapodon, Kraplan, Monster, Gregos, Oh whats your name again

BIRTH: 06-11-1983

HOMETOWN: Leaucadia


HEROS? Occy, Tom Curren not Tim Curran, Kong, Leaucadia Killas, the Logies, Patto, Laz, Rat Mundy, Rudy, Dicky Schmeltzer and all the other Durban O's, any chick that shagged me thanks I appreciate it, Ricko, Marceron, Brada Darrel, Groto, Alan Cleeland, Mom & Pops

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD? Rap, Reggae, some 80's, some Techno a little bit of everything


OTHER INFO: Cool story; Im about to go on a 5 &1/2 month trip to Fiji, Oz, and South Africa all on my own dime to link up with some photographers and a video guy to try get some footy and pics for Lost, Carlson's out of town in Oz so I call Mike let him know Im going out of town and I need some stuff I cruise in hes all flusterd "im super busy I cant deal with you f--king kids anymore why cant you kids figure out im not the team manager any more call Carlson next time f-ck f-ck f-ck" I told him "sorry man Im in a bind I just need some stuff for my trip im gonna be gone for a while." " No worries he says sends me down to go grab some stuff , "So how long you gonna be gone for?" he asks, I tell him 4 months "oh okay well here's 6 items kid have a good trip." Too baffled to speak I grabbed my six items Two pairs of baggy's three t's and a button up shirt all that shit sure went a long way, thanks island style!


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