Harry Sack

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No, really..we'll show you his ID. Finished dead last in every heat at NSSA Nationals. "..but so did Eddie! and Eric didn't even make it TO Nationals". Got 5th at the 2002 NKF in Jr. Mens. 5th in Volcom Surf Contest at Inlet 2002. 5th in Volcom Surf Series at Cocoa Beach 2003. Has been raging and surfing to this day.

Age 24, hometown Melbourne Beach FL.

"Ocean Ave's the spot other than hassling at the inlet. Surf contests suck, at least the surfing them part, other than that the chicks are really the only good part. I'd rather travel around the world with the boyz over surfing contests any day."

Was the most requested interview at 2003 NSSA Nationals......still a favorite among surf contest announcers.

Considered one of the most formidable opponents on his street.

Girls...you can email Harry Sack at k24surf21@aol.com


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