Hughes Oyarzabal

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Birthrate: 7-3-1985

Size: 1m80 / weight: 60k

Home: Biriatou (France)

Years of Surfing: 8

Surf club: Bidassoa Surf Club

Stance: goofy

Quiver: 5'7 / 5'10 / 5'11 / 6'0 / 6'8 / 7'0 / 7'4 / ... / 9'0

Apparently doesn't ride for us anymore but still sends us footage.

Best Results:
1999: 3rd cap Breton pro junior
2001: 2nd VQS Hossegor junior
2002: 4th French titles junior
2003: Aquitaine junior champ / 3rd French junior title.

Best Spots: Uluwatu corner, Mundaka, Euskadi secret spots.

Sponsors: Lost, FCS Gorilla Grip, Electric
Hero: Donald Duck
Zero: Rugby
Girls: Searching...
Tube: Heaven
Wipe Out: Surfing Rate
Big Waves: Sometimes
Small Waves: Tricks
Dream: Indo
Tow In: "I Got surgery after my first time."
Contests: Have to
Free Surf: Best Surf
Futur: ?
Party: San Sebastian (Spain)
Lost: Good Spirit
Wardo: Master
Australia: High Level
Air: Reverse Frontside Air
Music: Punk
Food: Basque Food


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