Josymar Fuentes

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1 josymar fuentes villalobos
2 i born in a littele city calling liberia in the nort part of costa rrica
3 i live in jaco arround 2 years now because here is powerfull waves and is alot fun and people and friends ate super good
4 i start surf because my dad is a fisherman hahah he tell me about the acean alot and he buy me my first board and he teach me how to surf that wass when i got 8 years old
5 i dont have favorite plases to surf because u never know the ocean is super good everywhere ehn is a biiiiig swell i love waves and i like big ones and small ones but yea probaly my favorite is hermosa beach costa rrica , pavones costa rrica ,las flores el salvador, salsa brava costa rrica scarr and i love scarr from waves is the best adrenaline hahaha but i like all the waves i been is something good always i and wish i can travel more so i can see more waves arround the world
6 my big influense in god he i talk to him always and he is the one and also my family my dad mom and klula they are super good peaole and always god first
7 yea i have 1 brother and 1 sista they dont surf but they like me the surf for them hahahah they my brother is a taxi men and my sista she work in ccss in costa rrica and me surf hahahahha black sheap but good one hahahha
8 i love  food and i love costa rrica food and caribean food from the restaurant from my best friend gilbert brownthe name is caribe is the best and wisbone 4shure hahahaha i love all kind food special sushi hahaha
9 hobbies aaaaaaa alot things i love books and listen music or talk to my family or i dont know skate in sector nine hahah thats good i most like hang out with my friends alaways and go to cinema hahah and 4shuer surf movies hahahah always surf make me happy
10 plans ? ooooo so meny hahah but my plans is travel alot i want see the world and surf contest or trips 4 fotos or videos i want finish my school and i want ride for lost forever and work for them in the future when im old guy hahahhah but yea i just want travel surf and see the world cultures and have fun in a good way and i want to do the all latin pro tour to see whats wrong there
11 i been couple places but i want goo indo, australia,hawaii,usa and arrond all latinoamrica to do the latin pro tour and travel to see the world i just want travel alot so i can get experinse and learn from live
12 i like reggae roots for me but for surf i like the music from the surf videos when im surfing is always in my mind and i just want fly hahahah
13 wnbarrassing moment hahahahahahhahahaha nooooooooooooooooooooooo hahahah when i told my first girlfriend the i wass virging hahah never forget that hahahahahhahahahahahahah
14 i like all about surf but my favorite is airs, barrels or big snaps i like all hahah airs i loveit and big scar barrels i love scar hahahahha
15 salsa brava 10 fit that wass sick wipout and one day i almost die in tamarindo  river mouth i almost boke my back
16 oooooo yea alot crocks here hahahah but they are ok they are like dogs if u sacr of them they want eat u but if u dont scar they just go but yea i see one nex to me last weeck in witch s rock i wass surfing and the crock wass just there i almos shit on my lost... boardshotrs hahahahahha that wass sick bra
17 lost make alot good movies i love 5,5 movie the part of manson ho he riiiipsss and the part of wardo he is the men and i like them because when i see the movies from lost.. i feel the one day i will have my part in the movie and make me go surf strong
18 i love lostsurfbaords matt is super good shaper for me he is the best but i like the f1 works in costa rrica alot because is a board the u can trust on button turns and kill the all wave from the start to the end and i live wiplash swallow tail is the best for airs they all good to be onest yeaaa matt you the men bra
19 we just broke up but she will be my love forever and my best friend forever and surf with her make me fell good because she learn from me and i learn from herhahahah she rips she is good surfer
20 i like them all if they are with lost.. company is because they are super good surfers but for me i like manson ho, he is young like me and he rips alot too , i love wardo because he is super solid surfer and he is lost.. 4ever , i like ian gentile he is little boy with alot future he wiil be the best in the future but my favoryte is cris davinson he is good on contest and free surf i like he style and he surf super good and you can see that easy he is really good surfer  and 4 shuer my bra pedro fernandez he is gooood surfer and he is strong men i think lost have one of the best teams arround the world they all rip the waves and they all good just difent styles but they all super good surfers and my favorite is josymar fuentes hahaha he is good surfer and good guy he is from costa rrica he from the paradise hahahah pura vida mae
21 halloween yeeeee hahahahha dracula because i have big teeths hahaha i probaly domt nees a drees i look like im hahah im a lost... dracula hahahah
thamks lost to give me the oportunity to show my surf and get better surfer and better person always thanks alot lost... people pura vida
josymar fuentes
costa rrica


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