Juan Pablo Porras

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Juan Pablo lives to bomb hills on his skateboard. He races down hills that are 7+ miles long and goes faster down them on his skateboard than most people do driving their car. He also skates the San Clemente Pier Bowl pretty much daily and has been hit by a car while doing so. Kids, don't try this at home. CLICK HERE. Although Juan Pablo resides and parties in San Clemente, he spends a lot of time taking road trips to the most perfect hills that he can find....and conquering them. ...Lost was so stoked on Juan Pablo when he got on the team that they made him his own pro model.

Here's some more info about Juan Pablo...

Caracas, Venezuela now living in San Clemente Ca.

...Lost, Caliber Trucks, Catalyst Surf Shop (San Clemente), Cafe Mimosa (San Clemente).

How did you get into downhill skateboarding?
Living in San Clemente and having no car

Favorite hills:
GMR (Glendora Mountain Road), GRR (Glendora Ridge Road), Maryhill, The Pier Bowl in San Clemente and any other hill that can be long, windy and faster than 40 mph with nice panoramas. 

Favorite people to skate with:
Tim Del Rosario, Andrew Mercado, Danny Connor, Jimmy Flint, Evren Ozan, DT, Jeff Budro, Erik Lundberg, Romulo Cortez and Noah Alani.

Worst injury:
Bombing a super steep narrow road, when all of the sudden a unleashed dog got on my way. Having no time to react, I crashed, the dog and I ate it hard. It caused punctured lungs, gnarly road rashes, combine with cuts, sprained ankle and wrist, plus a concussion. 
Also going off the cliff sucks too.

Music that you like:
Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Reggae and Dubstep.

Worst thing about skateboarding:
The kooks and eating shit.

How many skateboarding tickets have you got so far since you moved to California?
I got 7 skateboarding fines in the last 3 years and it gets more expensive every time you get one.

Any thank yous?
To God, to my mom and all my friends here in San Clemente that have been helping me to go through tuff situations and being like a family. That includes Diego Mora, Scott Metzner, Pearson Castner, Noah Alani, Chucky Rigano, the entire ...Lost Family, Caliber Trucks and Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente for food and coffee.


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