Kala Alexander

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Leader of da "WOLF PACK" and team captain of Da Hui.

rides for lost surfboards

profile photo:Reposar.

"Every visiting North Shore surfer has the same recurring nightmare. It involves a raised black truck, a cut, Hawaiian-looking guy with tribal tattoos running up both arms and a fist that pounds harder than Pipe. For some, this nightmare has come true, the painful result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But for everyone else, it constantly lurks in the realm of possibility, ready to play out with the slightest change in fortune. The North Shore has always had its heavyweights, guys who run the lineups with piercing glares, verbal intimidation or the occasional punch-out. But no group changed the North Shore dynamic as fast as the Kauai Wolf Pack. In the span of one winter, they transformed Pipeline from a free-for-all to the world's heaviest tollbooth. In the span of one winter, that booth's main collector, Kala "Captain" Alexander, seeped into everyone's subconscious. But Kala isn't just a nightmare. He's flesh and blood, with a lifelong connection to the ocean, a tragic family history and a new perspective on his actions. This is not an endorsement of thuggery or localism; this is reality. This is Kala Alexander." - Evan Slater

Evan Slater, SURFING MAGAZINE "Call of the Wild," January 2005 Page 93.


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