Kolohe Andino

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Rides Mayhem shapes. Kolohe decided about 14 months ago, that he knows that Matt's shapes suit him and he's been only riding Mayhems since. Why would he get anything else. Sponsored by Red Bull, Nike 6.0 and Target.

Famous quote: "I want to clean up surfing's image. Hopefully, people will realize Matthew McConaughey isn't a surfer."

Currently ranked #42 in the ASP Mens World Ranking.

1st place in the East Coast Surfing Championships at Virginia Beach.

Made the semis in the 2011 US Open at Huntington Pier.....also placed 2nd in the Pro Jr. Probably surfed more heats than anyone in the entire event.

Won the 2011 US Champs at Lower Trestles......his victory lap was considered by many "The best surfed wave ever in a contest at Lowers".

1st place in the 2011 Vans Pier Classic, a 4 star WQS at Huntington Pier. This was Kolohe's first ever WQS win...but certainly not his last.

2009: Became the youngest surfer to win the Open Mens division at Nationals.

Video: Click here for Frothing Part

Son of standout Dino Andino. Solid bottom turn..already taking some runs on our vert ramp. 15 years old. born 1994.

2004-2007. Wins pretty much everything so we quit listing. Surfs like Curren positioning-wise mixed with a little Fanning n Parko.

2nd Place Open Mini Groms 2004 NSSA Nationals.

Groms.tv profile page August 2004 

Kolohe a very popular guy, just check out his MySpace page. This guy is way too young to know this much. 

Many of the guys who ride boards shaped by Matt Biolos or made at the Lost Factory - cannot have the Lost logo on their board out of respect to their paying sponsors. We'd like to thank them for all their input in helping Lost become a leading surfboard brand worldwide.


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Untitled from Matt Biolos on Vimeo.


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