Kyle Berard

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Home- Virginia Beach

Lost, Consolidated,
Independent trucks, Dakine, Ninja, Cardinal skateshop, Von Zipper

Career Highlights-
The Northwest trip we just went on. It was one of the best. yeah rhino.

Favorite Contest Highlights- (If any)
Tampa Am 2000 (1st)
Tampa pro 2001 (1st)
Volcom Mini Ramp Contest (1st)
FDR contest (2nd)

5- Favorite spots to skate-
Chuckatuck bowl, Stalin square, Bucket's mini ramp, Cullen's living room, Burnside.

Favorite people to skate with-
Rhino, Ryan Clements, Duffy, Peterson, all of my friends back home.

First skateboard you had-
Neon green Bart Simpson, then I saved up and

bought a caballero powell. What got you into skateboarding-
My friends that I met in middle school that I still skate with.

Top five favorite bands-
Black Keys,
The Mountain Goats,
Modest Mouse,
Rolling Stones,

Favorite Skate mag and Why-
Sbc because they printed a story about me being the dance king of tallahassee in the last issue.

The worst place you visited and Why-
France. I never recieved my luggage (I Still have not seen it), I kicked a soccer ball and started a riot, and ended the trip with a heat stroke in Marsielle.

Favorite up and coming Ams -
Jon Goeman, Pat Burke, and Matt Gibbs.

Worst slam you�ve ever taken-
I was going around a corner doing about 50 and met up with another car doing about the same, the only thing was that the other car was an F250 with a horse trailer on the back.

The worst thing about skateboarding-

When it rains and/or all of your friends are at work. Right now I am in florida, its raining, and all of my friends are at work.

Favorite Ad campaign- Gieco car insurance.
The speed racer one is great.

Other Hobbies-
Playing drums poorly, traveling, writing, some painting, bills, swimming, eating when bored.

Any thank yous-
Everyone that has helped me in the endless pursuit of trying to get my act together. That includes family, friends, and sponsors.


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