Larry Schmidt

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Home- jersey
Sponsors- LOST, Bare Wires skate shop, Globe, Autobahn, Blind.
Career Highlights-
Going to hawaii. best skate/surf vibe out there.
Favorite Contest Highlights-
not too many contest near me. but the surf expo mini ramp was fun.
5- Favorite spots to skate- Long branch park. My half pipe. cholos. sunset park. sayreville.
Favorite people to skate with- chad, collin, evan, and everyone at lb.
First skateboard you had- an old 80s board my dad gave me when i was little. that got stolen then i got a world industries.
What got you into skateboarding- my dad
Top five favorite bands- anything on my ipod
Favorite Skate mag and Why- thrasher. cause its gnar.
The worst place you visited and Why- everywheres been fun so far.
Favorite up and coming Ams - i dont get why cody mac isnt pro.
Worst slam youíve ever taken- I was about nine doing an early grab on a vert wall at woodward. fell from about 9 feet flat on my back, got so badly concussed i forgot who my grandma was.
The worst thing about skateboarding- when no one wants to skate and you just sit around and do nothing.
Favorite Ad campaign- wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.
Other Hobbies- surfing, snowboarding, and eating.
Any thank yous-
my family, adam holloway, and everyone from lost.


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