Makua Rothman

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NAME: Makua Rothman.

Best teenage big wave surfer in the world. Rips small waves too. Especially V-Land. Da Hui rider.

Rides for Lost Surfboards. Wears Body Glove Wetsuits at the Box or any other cold water wave.

2004 SURFER MAGAZINE HOT 100 - Number 5.

2004 Hansens Energy Pipeline Pro 4* WQS 5th Place.

Winner 2003 XXL Big Wave Challenge.

Home: Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Invitee 2004 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest.
QUIK'S press release for the EDDIE: Makua represents the newest breed of big wave riders, and if he seems remarkably young to be included in this elite big wave fraternity, check the events of last winter. Makua was towed into the hugest wave of the year at Jaws, Maui - a 66-foot beast that was captured on film and earned him $66,000 for first place in the XXL Big Wave Challenge. While his forte is tow-in surfing, Makua is equally as fearless and adept at paddling into giant surf. Born and raised in Oahu's powerful North Shore surf, Makua has been in the ocean since childhood and it shows in how comfortable and centered he can be when the ocean is raging. The youngest competitor, this will be Makua's first year as an invitee to the Eddie - no doubt, the first of many years to come.


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