Malia Manuel

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DOB: 8/8/93
Home Town: Wailua, Hi
Favorite …Lost Model: F1stub, Stealth Pro, CMPro.

Surfing has been ingrained in Malia’s blood since she was born. As a baby, her parents would take turns watching her on the sand while the other would catch waves on the beaches of Kauai. As soon as she turned two, Malia started surfing with them. Born and raised in the small lush town of Wailua, Kauai. Malia has been highly influenced by her culture. Her father is born and raised on Kauai and part Hawaiian, her mother is from Southern California, making Malia “hapa haole”, she said laughing.

At the age of 8, she began surfing in contests and fell in love with the surfing industry. “I never planned on being a professional surfer, it kind of chose me”, says Malia. “I’ve been competing since I was 8 years old and to now be one of the 17 Women going for the World Title, seems pretty surreal still.”

Aside from surfing, Malia artistically paints her own surf boards with a Hawaiian / Polynesian theme, inscribed somewhere in her paintings, is the word “KAUNU”. The word, which means “passion” in Hawaiian, embodies her happy-go-lucky spirit. She also is an avid yoga student and runner. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, going to yoga, running, Malia is the true spirit of island aloha and grace. It’s rare to see her without a smile on her face or doing something other than creating beauty through her art, sport activities, or surfing.

Growing up in Hawaii, she has been highly influenced by the many famous Kauai boys, making her style progressive and fluid, yet incredibly graceful and poised. At 14, Malia is the youngest ever female or male to win the US Open of Surfing (2008), amongst other accomplishments.

Malia is filled with a stoked passion, striking good looks, and all the natural talent to be best surfer in the world. While she loves competing, she is going to do it at her own pace, with a huge smile on her face and with the grace of a Hawaiian dancer. 


2012- ASP Women’s Rookie of The Year

2011- Top Qualifier for the Elite ASP Women?s World Tour – age 18

2011- WQS 6star, Azores Islands Champion – age 18
2011- WQS 6star, Pantin Spain Champion – age 18
2011- Cover of TransWorld Surf Magazine (2nd female ever) – age 17
2010- Hawaii World Team member – age 16
2009- Hawaii World Team member – age 15
2009- US Open Junior Womens Champ – age 15
2009- Junior Women Regional Champ – age 15
2009- VQS Champion – age 14
2008- International Grom Search Champ – age 14
2008- Junior Women Regional Champ -age 14
2008- Hawaii World Team Member – age 14
2008- NSSA National champ Explorer Womens – age 14
2007- NSSA Middle School girls National Champion -age 13
2006- NSSA Open Women runner up – age 12
2005- Hawaii World Team member – age 11
2004- Surfing America Champion National Title – age 10
2002- 1st Annual Irons Brothers Classic winner – age 8



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