Marshall Alberga

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2013 : Back on ...Lost head to toe

Despite being the only ...Lost rider to beat Slater in a final he still couldn't get deals on boards. Currently riding for No Fear and WRV.

-2007 - Smoked 8 time World Champion Kelly Slater at his home break becoming the only Lost rider to ever beat him in a final.

- Marshall has this to say to all the detractors and haters out there -"I mean, c'mon... when Kelly Slater's switching boards mid-heat, you know he's trying to beat you." (EASTERNSURF.COM)
- Still can't get a deal on boards.

birth: 4/29/88
hometown: Melbourne Beach FL.
homebreak: Ocean Ave
heros: Rob Machado, Hobgoods
what's in your iPOD?: Im not rich enough to have one yet.
goals: Make money out of surfing, travel and buy an iPOD.

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