Mason Ho

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Mason Ho, co star of BURGER IN PARADISE, has had a pretty heavy North Shore season this year. Besides being crowned Hawaiian Regional Champion for 2013, He won the HIC PRO in his back yard at Sunset Beach. He then had a "Wave of the Winter" nomination at Pipeline. After that, he topped it off with a finals appearance at the Volcom Pipe Pro in early 2014. Not to mention making one of the sickest airdrops we have ever seen at Pipeline. And the season technically isn't over stay tuned. Mason has a pretty heavy quiver. You can look, but don't touch. "Well, you can feel that one...but leave the other ones...they're freshies." 

Mason has his own signature shoe by ETNIES called "The Scout".

ALIAS: Naked mase, Mase, and Mho. 

BIRTH: 9-1-88

HOMETOWN: V land North shore oahu

HOMEBREAK: From V land to Waimea

HEROS? My Whole family. Andy irons, michael peterson, tupac, chris ward, marvin foster, the andinos, cheese burger and alllll my other freinds, tony montana, martin potter, eddie aikua, and chuck taylor.

Famous Quotes: "I smoked you" and "Checkmate!" and "This place is a NARC fest".

- Hates doing the dishes.

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD? every single good rap song from 1986 to 2001. like snoop, nwa, ice cube, 2pac, nate dog, eazy e, dr. dre, geto boys, daz dilinger, warren g, comptons most wanted, 5th ward boyz, 40 theves, bush wick bill, The game, 8ball, mike jones, slim thug, jim jones, andre nickatina, big mike, big syke,crips &bloods, spider loc...wayy too much to name...

GOALS? To be bigger and better then my dad and uncle combined.

Currently ranked #60 in the ASP Mens World Rankings

Contest Results:

- 3rd Place 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro

1st Place 2013 HIC PRO, Sunset Beach

- 9th Place 2010 Canaries 6 Star Prime WQS

- 3rd Place 2010 Santa Cruz 6 Star Prime WQS-

-  5th Place. 2009 Sunset Beach. World Cup 6 Star Prime WQS.
- 1st Place Cold Water Classic ASP Pro Jr. 2008
- 2nd Place WQS 4* Exel Pro Sunset Beach, 2007.
-1st Place ASP Hard Rock Junior Pro, Sunset Beach.
-Awarded the 2007 ASP World Juniors WQS Wild Card Slot
-3rd Place 2007 ASP World Juniors Championship
-9th Place 2006 WQS 6* US Open of Surfing, Huntington Beach.
-4th Place 2005 NSSA Championships in the Open Mens division at Lowers, San Clemente, Ca.
-1st Place 2005 Rip Curl Grom Search International Finals at Bells Beach during the WCT. For more on this go to or
-1st Place 2004 Rip Curl US National Grom Search at Salt Creek in the under 16 division.
-1st Place Rip Curl Grom Search Kewalos 2004. Other Info:
-Member of Surfer Magazine's 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 Hot 100.
-North shore kid with tons of talent. Mason can do anything he wants to on a wave. Has the "spring" in his step that none of the other kids seem to have. He is part of the DREW WORLD ORDER.
-With relatives like father Michael and uncle Derek, this boy has the genes for big things down the line.

Don't even bother clicking on the NEWS section for him... every article in our website that contains the letters H-O in succession is listed. (HOtel, HOrse, wHOre, Eddie HOrton, HOstel, HOpper, HOmepage...etc etc etc)


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Wing Chun ( from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.


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