Matt Bender

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From two-foot Smyrna to fifteen-foot Sunset, Matt loves to surf.  But with a late start to surfing in his early teens and a 6'3" frame that doesn't exactly fit Florida's mush, it's been anything but easy for the Winter Park native when it comes to progression.  Despite his unlikely roots, Matt has doggedly turned himself into a solid surfer.  And that's not all he is.  Bender has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Stetson University, as well as a minor in Spanish--a language he has practiced extensively while surfing Latin America.  He also uses his language skills to freelance write for surf magazines like ESM, and hopes to one day become an influential surf journalist.  Lately, Bender's focus has been surfing hard and training hard for the heavy stuff.  Look for this late bloomer to make his mark this winter on the North Shore, with his self-painted Mayhems underfoot.

To check out a video of Matt surfing CLICK HERE.


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