Metal Jimmy

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JIMMY PITTS: aka Metal Jimmy or just Metal.

SPONSORS: ...Lost Enterprises, Andrew Doheny Shapes, Wave Tools Surfboards, not Panda he is a kook, Frog House Vans Shoes, Electric, Vestal, Creatures of Leisure.

2013 UPDATE: After an intense bidding war with RVCA (according to him) we secured Metal on a month-to-month basis. 2012 was a big year for Metal. He got his first box from us and appeared in Ward Stories, Getting Classic Vol. 2 and mutiple supporting roles on vimeo. Lost first round  the Newport Classic and Frog House Team Challenge. 

2012 Results: No Results

Rivals: Saxon Boucher (told Jimmy to f*ck off during 1993 NSSA Explorer at Fletcher's Cove).


Jimmy Pitts...aka "Metal Jimmy" or just "Metal" has three home towns. Torrance, Oceanside, and Newport Beach, Ca. He currently resides in Costa Mesa and surfs Newport Beach on a regular basis. Jimmy grew up as an aspiring professional surfer sponsored by American Project clothing, DSO eyewear, Aloha surfboards, and Da Kine. Also Katin and SRH and Mindless Reaction and Sic Clothing and Spy Optics and Ultra Sole Eyewear and Trac Top and Marlin Surfboards and World Force Wetsuits and Jet Pilot Wetsuits and Victory Wetsuits. Jimmy stopped surfing in 2005 when he fell in love with heavy metal music, and pretty much got stuck in the "Maiden" parking lot until 2007. In 2007 Jimmy returned to the surf scene, got sponsored by Spyder surfboards, and made the round of 24 at the Del Taco Pro at Huntington Beach Pier. After that, well, he fell off again and spent all of his money and time on metal shows instead of surfing. A couple of years later, Jimmy went surfing with an old friend and was immediately shredding. Seeing how good he was surfing on a beat up old Aloha, Chucky Rigano got him a deal on one of Mason Ho's old boards from Catalyst. Jimmy eventually got sponsored by Catalyst and is now on the ...Lost surf team. Jimmy finally found a medium between heavy metal and surfing....and he's now ripping Newport or Lowers in between metal shows.

Here's some facts about Metal Jimmy:

He's 37 years old....but as stoked as a grom on surfing and music.

He only wants to ride Mason Ho's old boards, no joke, he has had the same Mason Ho Speed Demon II since late 2008, and doesn't ride anything else.

The reason that he started using an arch bar was "Archy"

His favorite surfers are Tom Curren, Martin Potter, Sunny, Garcia, Archy, and Christian Fletcher.

"Christian Fletcher's heavy metal attack lifestyle epitamized the aspect of surfing in the late 1980's...the anti contest, heavy metal demeanor. He won the Body Glove Surf Bout at Lowers with a wide stanced air assault when it was unheard of! AND HE HAD A KNAC STICKER ON HIS BOARD!!!!!!!!"   

thumbnail photo by Tom Carey


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Metal Jimmy's Clip from Matt Tromberg on Vimeo.


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