Mike Hayes

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ALIAS: Hayesy

BIRTH: 13/07/83

HOMETOWN: Harbord, Australia

HOMEBREAK: Freshwater, Sydney

FAVOURITE SPOT? Hermosa, Costa Rica

HEROS? Wardo, A.I, Asher Pacey

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD? AFI, Swollen Members, Social Distortion

FAVOURITE FOOD? Mexican, Italian, BBQ's...

INTERESTS? Filming/Photography, Travelling, Music, Girls

TRAVELS? Costa Rica, California, Mexico, Fiji, Indo, West Oz

SPONSORS? Lost, Bodyglove, Smith

Mike is from Australia and stops through San Clemetne every year. He made the finals of the airshow at one stop on the 2002 Elmore Toyota Surf Tour at Huntington Beach, CA.


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