Mike Maurer

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San Clemente, CA

Adept in all conditions..and if there was more work on the North Shore he would probably still be over there..sure isn't enough surf over here.

Not really sure what Mike has been up to lately but he has sent some emails lately telling us how hard he's been ripping. He did get that one shot on Surfermag.com last year.(on a timmy????)But we know he loves his Mayhems.. Its now almost 2010 and no ones getting younger so he's decided its time to put up or shut up...So we will be waiting for the clips and the photos..Watch out for an aggressive local pro paddle battling you for your peak..Maybe we can get some gear in return for a shot on a website on the right board or even in a magazine.

Famous Quotes: "Last year I went to Pipeline for two years"

"I just feel like the shots alone, are as good as or better then alot of what I see in the magazines. I would be more stoked if you showed all my shots and didnt write my name, then having my name with a description and nothing to back up what is said"


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