Nate Yeomans

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LOST SURFBOARD TEAM RIDER until we were outbid by a competing company. When Nate is old n grey he'll be back on the program.


BIRTH: 1986
HOMETOWN: San Clemente
HOMEBREAK: Anywhere in San Clemente.



Contest Results:

Won the Del Taco Pro WQS 1* in HB July 2004.

Wildcard into the 2003 Mundaka WCT event. He eliminated Andy Irons in the first round.

5th Place 2003 WQS3* Fosters Cup Lower Trestles. Other Info: - Grew up surfing with the OG SC "mahalo secret spot boys" - Never chosen for Surfer Mag's Annual Hot 100. This has only added fuel to his fire.
Picked for the 2003 XGames West Coast team.

Nate Yeomans is one of the fastest rising surf talents in California today. It seems like he came out of nowhere and just became the man. It was impossible to ignore Nate's progressive surfing at Salt Creek and so he became the newest member of the Killer Dana team. Nate is super stoked and really has the right motivation - he knows how lucky he is and takes advantage of his talent to travel all over the world. He is always trying to get on another trip or surf another contest. Jason Kenworthy, who traveled to the Mentawais earlier this summer with Nate, sat down for an interview with him recently. Kenworthy also provided all the photos for this interview. Watch for another feature soon about their trip to Indo.

What surfers do you look up to?:
Any one going mental and pushing the limits like Andy and Slater and all those Australian guys.

Where have you been and what was your best trip?:
I've been to Mexico, Hawaii, Indo, the east coast, Panama, and Costa Rica. My best trip was to Indo for sure - just because it's perfect. Sumbawa I got really good and the last trip to the Mentawais was mental.

What's your dream trip?:
Back to Indo or to Tahiti. I'll hopefully go there at the end of the summer with Dirtworthy.

Are you ready for Teahupoo?:
Yeah...hopefully. I'll give it a try. We'll see when I get there.

What's the best thing to happen to you because you are a surfer?:
There are a lot of good things - the people you meet, just surfing and getting away from how crowded it is around here, being out in the ocean getting away from the stress. The best thing overall would be getting to travel and going to all these different places and see the world at such a young age. It's good to get out of Southern California where everybody is so stuck up and into their ego and see how big the world is - that's the best thing.

Didn't you just win a contest?:
Yeah - the HB Surf Series. I got first and won $2,000 - psyched. The final was a 30 minute heat. I didn't catch a wave for the first 15 minutes - I was stressing out, then on my first wave, I did a snap and an air and got an 8. Then, my next wave, I did an air reverse and a couple of snaps and got a 9. I also had a 5 and took it... I was psyched.

Who would you like to plug?:
Billabong, Ocean Minded, Lost Surfboards, X Track, and Killer Dana. Also, my parents, my friends, Jesus for giving me the talents I have and all of the boys...any my chick.


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