Pat Duffy

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Marin now living in Salona Beach, Ca

Plan B, LOST Clothing, Venture,

Career Highlights-
traveling around the world

Favorite Contest Highlights-
Watching the first loop contest in Tampa

5- Favorite spots to skate-
2-Supreme bowl
3-Cruising downtown LA.
4-Nyc. is always fun
5-wilderness bowl

Favorite people to skate with-
Strubing,Peterson,Berard,Bartie,Drahobl,gonz,Pettit,Van wastel,Creager

First skateboard you had-
red plastic veraflex

What got you into skateboarding?
I was so young that I really dont know.

Top five favorite bands-
1-Mother truckers
2-The briefs
4-Flogging molly
5-Dave brubek

Favorite Skate mag and Why-
Thrasher-cause it allways has been

The worst place you visited and Why-
Amarillo is pretty getto

Favorite up and coming Ams -
Alex Olsen,Jimmy Astleford,Van Wastel,Dylen Rieder

Worst slam you've ever taken-
Mid air collision with Mark Gonzales above a car in muenster.

The worst thing about skateboarding-
when the spot gets the better of you.

Other Hobbies-
guitar,bowling ,golf

Any thank yous -mom


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