Raw Helmet

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Update: Rumor has it that this talented group of punk rock surfers has been broken up by a girl. We're guessing that the incident was initially caused by the boys thinking with their helmets instead of their brains. Girls come and go, but the punk rock music these kids made together was priceless. R.I.P. RAW HELMET.

Raw Helmet is a group of punk rock teenagers from San Clemente who have gained a name for themselves through offending anyone in their path. The group consists of Shea Erro,Tanner Payan, Derek Wildfong, and Dayne Colby. These kids have a massive following of San Clemente surf punks and have played countless shows in the parking lot of Catalyst...amongst many other SC venues. Getting suspended from school and having shows canceled by the police for their highly offensive flyers is nothing new to these guys.


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