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This is a semi edited email from "Red"....

Here is what Red, aka "Rojo" is up to...He made the finals at Salsa Brava in Februauy. He got a shot on surfline in January, as well as a sequence in fluir magazine. He just got back from a surfos magazine trip to El Salvador. Red is currently living in Costa Rica, blowing minds on the daily with 3 "RED" pro model boards to choose from. There is a right board for every condition. Banzaii surfboards currently handling all of the models and ...Lost gears him down. The guy is pretty unstoppable. A cowboy, a teac farmer, property managment, surfboard seller, real estate agent, pro surfer, ganja smoker, and a all around good guy....Red gets it done. Red is a proud father and a epic lover. Hit him up in costa rica it is on. 


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