Ricky Basnett

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Rip Curl bought out Ricky head to toe so the logo had to go.

From: South Africa.

-1st Place 2006 WQS 6* Mr. Price Pro, Durban, South Africa. First South African to win the contest (used to be called the Gunston 500) in 19 years.
-3rd Place 2006 WQS 6* Sooruz Pro, France.
-2nd Place 2006 WQS 4* Margaret River Pro, Australia.

Currently ranked 2nd in the 2006 WQS rankings.

Top ranked Junior in S.Africa (Aug 2005).

CLICK HERE to check out Ricky's interview in Surfer Magazine.

Ricky won an ASP 1 star WQS final. It was the 2005 Rusty Cave Rock Classic presented by KFC in Durban. Basnett outsurfed some of the best from US, OZ, Brazil, France, and Hawaii.

Be on the lookout for Ricky as he makes his way to the CT.


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