Riley Metcalf

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Birth date: 4/3/1992

Resides: San Clemente, CA

Sponsors: Lost Clothing, Lost Surfboards, Nike 6.0, Electric Visual, Ocean Earth

Favorite Surfers: Kelly Slater and Chris Ward

Local Surf Spots: Trestles and T-Street

Riley shines in all conditions and has already proven himself in and out of the water. He has a good head on his shoulders and he knows what it takes to win

In 2006 Riley achieved the following:

-Surfer Mag Hot 100- 2006

-Surfing American Boys Champion under 14, 2006

-USA Team Member ISA World Junior Championships, Brazil 2006

-NSSA Finalist Interscholastic, Young Men's Shortboard 2006

-National Champions, Shorecliffs Middle School of San Clemente Team 2006

In 2005 Riley achieved the following:

-Surfing American Boys Champion Under 14, 2005

-NSSA Southwest Open Boys Division Champion, 2004/2005

-ISA World Junior Championship Bronze Medalist, 2005

-NSSA Outstanding Effort Award, 2005

-NSSA Sportsman of the Year Award, 2005

-NSSA Most Improved Surfer Award, 2005

Beyond all that Riley has achieved in the water, he also excels in school achieving a 3.7 GPA in accelerated Placement classes. Keep an eye out for this kid!



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