Ryan Simmons

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RYAN "Why don't we make size 35?" SIMMONS

Official Corporate Industry Title: Surf Marketing Manager.

Real Title: "The Team Guy" or "Thumb Master" or "Simmo".

Bet you didn't know: Simmons charges Sunset. "my uncle lived at sunset beach in the late 70�s charging big sunset and my dad surfed the north shore in 57�...Simmons lineage goes way back and I was probably laughing when this happened..."

Famous Quotes: "It wasn't a claim, I was surfing 70's style" "Shut it down!" "Too short, too thin" "Sorry, but our clothing budget is gone".

Favorite Surfer: Adam Repolgle, Occy, Curren, Wardo

- Two-time U.S.Tour Champ- PSTA 01' and 02'
- Almost made the WCT two years: '96 and 2000(missed both years by 4 spots)
- 1996 ECSC Champion.

Old Favorite Board: 6'3" SDIII (but he broke it at rockies getting lipped by a 2 footer).

New favorite board: 6'2"x 18.88 x 2.38 CW AI 09 (rs)

- Stayed with Ward during Maldives 6* WQS the year Chris won it. Simmo won a two star a couple weeks later.
(he claimed to wardo in their bungalow that he would win-2 weeks prior)
- Still trying to wrap his head around being Wardo's team manager.
- Currently babysitting the team(mainly Gorkin) and searching for the elusive 5 second barrel clip.


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