Scott Pritchett

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a.k.a. Homey or Clown. Orange.

Lantana, FL

Favorite Food: McDonald's Fries.

Family Man. His three year old son Skyler already has "Skyler" stickers spelled like "Slayer" on his board. Skyler was born on January 1st 2000. The milennium baby. Scott was overheard saying about his wife before she had the baby "I'm gonna put a cork in her until January 1st, then she better have my baby that day or else I'm gonna force him outta her". This way his kid gets another year in the ESA boys division too.

Like nothing you've ever seen.

Has been busting over people's heads since "before Christian Fletcher"

People have been known to say "Homey the Clown, get on the Ground!" after seeing his airs.


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