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Finally decided to read the old speil that was written about Sublime (see way below) and decided to change it to be more reflective of what really happened.  It goes something like this:

A bunch of musicians from Long Beach who happened to surf, met a bunch of surfers from San Clemente who happened to use some of their music in their first movies in 1993 and they started coming down to the old lost house to hang out on Calle Valle.  One time they rolled up in a sawed off Jeep with a plastic swimming pool in back filled with beer.   Matt Chicken Willey happened to be at the house one time when Bradley Nowell was there (see some of the day at the end of What Really Went Wrong) - and Chicko decided to latch onto Bradley and the band, kind of like Z Man Todd Zalkins but without the triangle playing talent.  They sent Chicko out on stage at the Irvine Spectrum when the crowd was chanting for Bradley - leading to food and drinks and birkenstocks being thrown at poor chicko.   Chicko did record What's Really Goin On with Bradley - of course Chicko changed it from "brought to you by lost" to "brought to you by US" - he gives a seemingly different reason every time he is asked - but Chicko said he changed it cuz he was bigger than Lost at that point (even though matt clearly fed Chicko the words to the song - captured on video).     Subsequently lost was given the tracks from Sublime's self titled 96 release to put in On the Road with Spike.  Around the same time Bradley wanted to move to San Clemente to get away from some of the bad influences.   Matt Biolos and Mike Reola didn't really take looking for a place for him seriously though - they were living in the warehouse during these years.  Later in the year Bradley had passed away.  Regardless of whether he had been able to escape by coming to San Clemente or not, Bradley Nowell passed away in San Francisco on the road while recording.   Anyway, Chicko got paid big royalties for the Music and got his first Platinum Record, while Matt went on to become a better shaper and grow his clothing company. 



Here is what our old marketing team wrote:  Sublime has been a very popular band since the 1990's. Their music has been in ...Lost movies since the beginning (around 91 or 93). Chicken Willey even got a little fame when he recorded "What's Really Goin' Wrong" with the band and ended up with a gold record. After the passing of their lead singer, Bradley Nowell in 1996, they changed the name of their band to "Long Beach Dub All Stars" for quite some time and came out with some solid tunes. Now called "Sublime With Rome", they are still playing and can be heard on pretty much any person's IPOD around the world. Sublime will always be a huge part of ...Lost history.


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