Ted Navarro

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NAME: Teddy Navarro
NICKNAME: Shreddog

HOMETOWN: Whittier, CA
RESIDES: Huntington Bch

SPONSORS: Alpine Stars Clothing, Hoven eyewear, Delphi Wetsuits, Freestyle watches, Katin Surf shop

California's best pro ever from Whittier. Has put over 290,000 miles on his truck. Rode Lost surfboards for 10 years but now is riding for another surfboard company cuz he's getting em for free, but he tells his friends they don't work. Currently searching for new roomate. Likes surfing with Carlson.

Teddy in the last two years has put together some stellar performances in the Pro events around California. Multiple finals appearances and even a few wins. He's finally learned to relax and enjoy surfing with a jersey. Its a matter of time before he breaks through in a big event. Has a solid repertoire with a bag of tricks. Still sensitive.

Former USSF Open and Mens National Champ.

Surfs more than anyone when he's healthy. 3 sessions by noon?



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