Theo Lewitt

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ALIAS: The-O, "Play-by-Play", TKL

BIRTH: Feb 17th, 1992.

HOMETOWN: Venice, Ca

HOMEBREAK: The Breakwater

HEROS: Bruce Lee, Sam Lewitt, Josh "throw-a-sock-on-it" stone.

ANY SHARK STORIES: lassoed a white for sh!#s and giggles. other than that, nope...

WHAT'S IN YOUR iPOD: Jedi Mind Tricks, The Gun Club, Misfits...a ton of underground rap, punk, and some folky / jazzy stuff.

GOALS: Continue improving my Jr. Pro seed, QS events, more exposure, more traveling.


-3rd 2009 NSSA West Coast Champs, Explorer Juniors.

-1st  2009 West Coast Champs, WSA u18 (u18West Coast Champion).

-1st place Freedom Artist 2009 Championship event, juniors division.

-4th Place 2009 Malibu Invitational, Juniors division.


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