Thom Lamb

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Check out THOMLAMB.COMLong before it was trendy to form an artist alliance group network and then use it to sell frilly tee shirts - Lost had a group of completely sort of functional artists that did everything from getting the beer, packing the boxes to drawing the ads. Thom was one of those people. Along with Max McGhee and Matt Biolos - Thom was one of the guys making the designs for Lost as we started making real clothes. The smoking fish was originally scribbled on a napkin at the Surf Expo while Lost stuck a clueless Billabong table with the bill at Ren Getsu. Thom was a perfect artist for Lost. Since we had no money we could really only use artists that could sleep on our couch and who didn't want compensation other than some leftovers. Actually Thom is a good cook and along with Randall could cook up potatoes 101 different ways.

ALSO - Thom is doing freelance work. Most of the words that went with the pictures came from Thom. He has the rare ability to put hilarious words to his art whether just a quick joke or a picture story or even a complex mural of our business activities from a different kind of perspective.

Wait- how come we never heard of him? Well back then - as long as Tommyng had enough for a 7 eleven Hot Dog he was happy - so as production surfboard art came in demand - Tommy gladly let Biolos hire Drew Brophy do the repetitive surfboard painting work while he just stuck to projects like Randall-Land, The Game of Lost, How to Spot a Lost Team Rider and the Lost Surf Camp...


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