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Pat "Did you get that?" Eichstaedt

Real Name: 2Pat Liquor aka "The Ultimate Grueler".

Decided to put himself back on the team in June 2003 then fought with Mike in 2006 then came back onto the team again in 2007.

We think he might be the "naked tickler".

Tupat's film credits include:
1. Lost Across America Vol. 1 - Andy Irons hits him with coconut on the beach in Hawaii.
2. The Decline - Video Jonesers Bonus Section "The Ultimate Grueler"
3. 5'5" Redux - Section 12: Says "The Wardo Meter has struck a high level - ding, ding, ding, ding..."
4. 5'5" Redux - Section 17: Misses photo of Gorkin's air because he was waiving at tourists.
5. 5'5" Redux - Section 20: Guess who's behind the Slater mask.
5. 5'5" Redux - Section 40: "Did you get that heavy gouge I did?"
6. 5'5" Redux - Section 41: Tupat gets some of his own medicine when the video guy cuts away from his heavy gouge, we'll call it a half gouge.
7. 5'5" Redux - Section 45(yes, there's actually 45 sections): Receives "The Lifetime Achievement Award" and misses more shots.

The video below doesn't work cuz the Ultimate Grueler is gone and has been replaced by mild mannered wedding photographer Patrick Eichstaedt.


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