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For all you who missed him at the US Open, the Waterman is trying to set up another autograph signing once he secures the "SHARPIE" sponsorship. Huntington Beach Legend Chris (The Waterman) Ryan. In his own words: THE MOST POPULAR FREE SURFER IN HB AND POSSIBLY ORANGE COUNTY. Some are saying who is this guy while most are saying that the guy's a total phenomenon. He's blowing up huge, by far the highest profile surfer in Huntington Beach. Supported by such pro surfers as Brett Simpson, Micha Burn, Ted Navaro, Sean Ward and Mike Hoisingto. Up and coming rippers like Logan Strook and Chris Wearing, like most, would say that The Waterman does keep it real for Huntington Beach's old school. Chris Wearing named The Waterman a local legend in Surfing magazine. While Our Wave magazine out of Seal Beach, who gave The Waterman a full page with photos and ink, called him the most colorful character they've had the pleasure of writing about. The legendary Corky Carroll has given The Waterman several plugs in The Wave section of the Orange County Register and a whole chapter in his most recent book release. The Waterman has also made the cover of the music CD 'Sounds of H.B., I Need a Beer 05' with old school local announcer of the U.S. Open of Surfing Rick (Rockin' Fig) Fignetti, who gives The Waterman several plugs during the surf contest as well as during his daily Surf Report on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Rockin' Fig has also used the likeness of The Waterman in the window display of his surf shop on Main Street, Surf City--reading, "The Waterman Rips!" The Waterman has also been given a half page with photos and ink in Beach Happy magazine, and ink in Automatic magazine. Is this guy a media hound or what?

The Waterman in his own words: I have been living in Huntington Beach for about 32 years and have seen it go through a lot of changes...most of which I really don't care for. These days it seems like there's more socializing in the lineup than ever, and the surfing just seems to get worse. My feeling is that when people from all around the world come to this place called Surf City, they should be able to enjoy seeing someone whose talent surpasses the average yahoo and who can show off the abilities of a real old school surfer. So I work extra hard to sharpen my skills daily and always try to take it to the next level. Any and all support is greatly appreciated... Today Huntington Beach, tomorrow Hollywood! So sit back, relax and watch me work my magic!

Chris Ryan The Waterman is a true Huntington Beach legend. One of lost'z older team riders, The Waterman moved to H.B. In 1971 and has been surfing the H.B. pier off and on, (Mostly on). For about 33 years. He's probubly the most popular free or soel surfer out of H.B. Ask any pro surfer out of H.B. and they'll all probubly say the same thing, that the Waterman "DOSE" keep it real for H.B.'z old school. Backed by Rokin Fig surf headquarter's.The Frog House NB. Aleeda wetsuits, and Dingbatz surfboard repairs. Pritty much says The Waterman "is" the real deal. I've been surfing H.B. pier for quite some time now and it seems these dayz like the surferz skills just dont seem to progress. I was Here In the 70'z and know how it should look so I try heard dayly to sharpen my skill's and pleese the crowd. Any and all support is greatly appriceated. You Recently told me my preofile'z still on the lost hard drive, and all that had 2 b done iz 2 push a button and it'll show up on the lost site. Well this iz it "BIG GUY". My sticker'z have doubled my popularity, it'z crazy. My marketing stradigy'z are workintg well and I'm bigger than life. Az Im sure you rember I drive limo on the weekend'z and Im now working on a plan 2 get in2 Hollywood, just watch me work my magic. Dont worry Im not gng 2 stop surfing. az a matter of fact that'z why it'z so important 2 get my self back on the site so I can direct bigger sponcer'z 2 it. That'z why I was so fussy on how I needed it 2 be set up sir. Mike I truely can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and am ready 2 go 2 the next level. So If possable please PUSH THE BUTTON and watch, me get my sharpi deal ect. . . Please let me know your thought'z. If you post it back up let me know and I'll sent you the new and revived profile. Az alway'z everything that iz done 4 The Waterman iz "GREATLY APPRECIATED". Rember my spelling skill'z may suck but my marketing and surfing skill'z r top notch. Both Hollywood and Surf City need a real surf legend and Im the man 2 fill those shoe'z. . . . Thank'z Watta wanker


Quite possibly the best door to door water salesman in the world.

The Kelly Slater of Longboarding?

Submission from TAP WATER November 2003:

Mike what Im seeing the page to do 4 me is to show my growing populeraty. I need the shot of me sitting on the slab, in the chair so they can get a idea of my look. I dont rember if their was a caption on that shot. If so, I dont want it 2 say anyting about drinking a beer, so please refrase the caption to. Chris (CHURNING WATER) Ryan "is" a true Huntington Beach legand. Who made a name in the surfing world, Not by compepeing, but by being a hard core free or soel surfer. The WATERMAN is the most populer free surfer in Huntington Beach, And possably Orange County az well. Surfing Huntington pier for over 30 yr's, He is "The Real Deal" ! Ask Mika Burn, Brett Simpson, Sean Ward, Danny Nicoles, Jay Larson, Mike Hoisiengton, or any other pro surfers out of H.B. And they'll probubly say the same thing. That WATERMAN dose Keep It Real for H.B.'z old school. Backed by : Aleeda wetsuits, Berry Vandermeulen surfboards, LOST, Rockin Fig Surf Center, little house of surfboard repairs, Dingbats repairs as well, and H.B. pier.com. Pritty much says the Dude can surf. Note from TAP : I feel when people come to Huntington pier they desurve to see one whos surfing dose the talking. So I try extra hard to improve my skillz dayly. By haveing faith in your self you can accomplish anything. Those who support me I Greatly appreiceate it . WATERMAN "The Real Deal" slamming an energy drink before a surf at the pier. Also We need the backside right, the front side left. The backside bottom turn and the newest shot showing our lost logos on my cuttback. Please Mike put all the pohoto'z on the photo page and the editorialz and the Beach Happy shit on the editorial page. Az soon az the page iz how I feel it will help me to sell my self to the big boy'z the sooner I will be representing 4 LOST ENTERPRISES on T.V. Bra. Please lets get the ball rolloing ". Thank you Cris Ryan

ARTICLE FROM THE LA TIMES - HUNTINGTON BEACH EDITION - ROCKIN FIG'S WEEKLY COLUMN 12/18/03...Did I hear that "WATERMAN," Chris Ryan, who's a regular at the pier, has been picked up by San Clemente clothing company, Lost. Well, we've known he's been lost for years. A lot of people who think there's a seal barking in the line-up are wrong, 'cause it's actually none other than, if you guessed it, you're right.


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