Wellington Magalhes

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Santos, Brasil

Praia do Tombo SURFER: WeLLington Magalhães “GRINGO”


From:Santos-QUEBRA-MAR(canal 1), SAO PAULO. He surfs usually in Guaruja(TOMBO BEACH). It´s near something like 15 - 20 minutes by bike. Santos needs a medium to big south swell and Guaruja picks any kind.
About him: He´s been doing a lot of free-surf actually but he was a competitor before. Decided stopped because he did huge airs on the heats and the judges never gave to him the scores he needed. Now he's just going to air show contests. Won an event in 1999 São Paulo contest in juniors division. In Brazil just had 2 airshow contests Gringo made a final in 2003 ...lost air simulator finished in forth.


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